Senior Running Back Sampson James Commits to Indiana University (Q&A)

By Prabhvir Lakhan | Managing Editor

Earlier this year in March, senior Sampson James announced he had committed to play football at Ohio State University. Last weekend the news broke that James had withdrawn his commitment from OSU. Within hours, he announced his decision to commit to Indiana University via twitter.

Why did you decide to change your college from Ohio State to Indiana University? 

I felt like I have a better opportunity to play early at IU. That’s nothing against Ohio State. That’s a great program. I feel more comfortable at IU. I know a lot of coaches on staff. I know the strength and conditioning coach personally.

Did the Ohio State domestic violence scandal cause you to make the switch?

No, that had no influence on my decision.

Have you talked to anyone from Ohio State since the change?

Yeah. I talked to the running back coach, Tony Alford. He was really cool about it and understanding. There are no hard feelings, and he wanted the best for me.

Who were the people that influenced your decision?

It was a personal decision. I wouldn’t say that there was anyone that influenced me. It was something I had to think about and make the decision.

What are the main things that you like about IU? 

The program is on the rise. There are great coaches. All the coaches show a lot of love. The strength and conditioning coach, Dave Ballou, is really good at developing players. I feel like he can do the same for me.

What is something that you are looking forward to at IU?

Definitely getting a great education. I don’t know what I want to study yet, but I want to get a degree. I want to develop as a football player and a young man there.

Do you have any idea on how much you’re going to play during freshman year of college? 

Nothing is set right now. I feel like I have a good opportunity to get in there and play.

What are your goals for freshman year and college in general? 

Freshman year, I want to be the best running back in the Big Ten. I want to lead the Big Ten in rushing. In college, in general, the ultimate goal is to win the Big Ten championship. I want to help my team win.

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