Sophomore Sam Miller Is The Only Girl On The Football Team

By Grace Hicks | Reporter

Avon High School is full of diversity and the football team is no different. Last year sophomore Sam Miller, a girl, played for Avon and scored over 40 points during the season and plans to continue the trend this season.

Since it is common for soccer players to be kickers, Miller thought about playing football even when she was in Intermediate School.

“I was sitting in class in sixth grade and [I] just started thinking ‘what if I played football?’ and I didn’t take it seriously until I got to middle school and found myself really wanting to [be a kicker],” Miller said.

As the only girl on the football team, there were some things Miller had to get used to.

“It was a little awkward [freshman year],” Miller said, “There were things to work out like what If would use for my locker room or how I could make it to soccer practice, but my coaches worked around my soccer schedule and I was so grateful for that.”

It may have felt weird to everyone at first, but going into her second year as a kicker, Miller hasn’t had any problem with being the only girl on the team. She just wants to be seen as any other player on the team.

“The guys treating me differently has never been a problem,” Miller said, “No one has ever said I don’t belong or anything like that.”

She also plays varsity soccer, and has had to balance out her practice schedule but has never had major conflicts with it.

“Sometimes I’m a little late to soccer or have to leave a little early from football, but both coaches have been great and super understanding [about it],” Miller said.

Miller said she is grateful to all of her coaches who have helped make her dream possible. Without them she might not have been able to play the sports she loves.

“I feel so lucky that Coach Bless and the other coaches were willing to give me a chance,” she said, “Avon football is an amazing family to be a part of and I wouldn’t change any experiences or memories for anything.”


Photo submitted by Sam Miller

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