Valentine’s Day at AHS

Sofia Breuer | Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a day associated with chocolates and flowers. Couples are shopping for their significant other while single students carry on as if it was any other day.

Sophomore Morgan Wittenauer said that Valentine’s Day is an overrated way for companies to make money off relationships.

“I think Valentine’s Day is mainly just a way for companies to put a price tag on people’s relationships,” Wittenauer said.  

Sophomore Andrew Lee had a different opinion.

“As long as you don’t do something crazy or really expensive [it’s not really overrated],” Lee said.

One aspect that is discussed when conversing about relationships is if being in a romantic relationship while in high is worth it or if it’s a part of the “high school experience”.

“I definitely think high school relationships are worth it,” junior Jenna Bradford said. “Even if they don’t last forever, it’s nice to have someone to be completely yourself and have fun with.”

Another student, freshman Lina Im, shared the same viewpoint.

“I think high school relationships are worth it because it could totally work out for some people, it just depends on the person,” Im said.

Sophomore Ethan Bodnar said that trust was important in building a strong relationship.

“Communication is a must, you have to have an understanding of each other’s feelings,” Bodnar said.


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