Dance, Color Guard, and Musical Ensembles Come Together in Winter Showcase

Kaitlyn Mason | Reporter

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Friday, March 8, 2019 was a night full of flags, drums, band, and cheering fans as Avon High School held the annual Winter Showcase. With the dance teams, guards, drumlines, and indoor band, it was hard not to cheer as students worked hard to show the packed-gym their talents.

Junior Allie Simon said that despite her nerves, she loved performing with the indoor band and their show: Leave No Trace.

“The show is amazing,” Simon said. “I love performing it every single time.”

The World Drumline performed their show: #Enough. Junior Trinity Le played the piano and performed acrobatics across the floor. The song “Enough,” made popular by The Greatest Showman, was one of the recognizable songs that played throughout the show.

“O’ Night Devine” was World Guard’s show as clothes were hauled onto the gym floor. Sophomore Alexa Okey said the story of the Harry Chapin song “Mr. Tanner” was brought to life through their hard work and dedication to guard.

“I’m really proud of all of the work that [we] have put into our show,” Okey said.

A Drumline’s sophomore Delaney Parks said she enjoyed watching all of the other performances and being able to show her friends and family her own show: reImagine.

“I got to see all the performances, and other than the technical difficulties in the beginning, everything went pretty smoothly,” Parks said.

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