Katie Risner: Aspiring YouTuber

Sofia Breuer | Reporter

From educational videos to vlogs and DIY’s, the YouTube abyss of content is never-ending. For junior Katie Risner, uploading videos on her YouTube channel is a way to break away from her simple, everyday routine.

Risner said her main inspiration for starting her own channel came from Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber with over seven million subscribers. Like Chamberlain, Risner’s channel consists mainly of vlogs.

“I love Emma Chamberlain,” Risner said. “She did it and she had fun with it so I thought I’d start it.”

Risner said her and her friends joke about “making it big one day,” but for now her channel is a hobby and something she does for her own benefit.

“It’s more of a just for fun kind of thing,” said Risner. “My friends and I joke about being famous but it’s just for fun, it’s not really going anywhere.”

Junior Jake Shepherd has been watching Risner’s videos from the very beginning and said he foresees her channel getting more subscribers and views in the future.  

“Her editing style is really diverse and always keeps you wondering what’s next,” Shepherd said.

Katie Risner’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJ6MRc01GUoXem27GHRlLw


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