Jordan Nelson Juggles Photography and Cinematography

Morgan Jones | Reporter

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Meet senior Jordan Nelson, a creative mastermind. Not only is Nelson an aspiring photographer for hire, he’s also a cinematic enthusiast. The two hobbies, Nelson said, help him to capture his persona in an original way.

“Photography is a way for me to express how I feel [at] a deeper level,” Nelson said. “I do it because I want to not only capture memories that will last forever, but to [also] tell stories within my images.”

According to Nelson, photography is a hobby unique to the individual. He said that, through each piece, he aims to express his own inner dilemmas.

“Through [my piece], “Built From Fire”, I wanted to convey that even when I’m in a situation that to others is dangerous, I feel most comfortable within them and use it to my advantage,” Nelson said. “I took [another] photo when I was really depressed. I wanted to show that even though I may sound like just another photographer, I’m different if you look close enough.”

Although most of Nelson’s photos are metaphorically dense, Nelson said that minimal planning goes into each piece.

“Usually, my best ideas come out of the blue when I hang with friends, or when I’m taking a shower,” Nelson said. “I think of ways to convey how I feel internally.”

In addition to his career as a budding photographer, Nelson has most recently worked as a production assistant on the set of a movie.

“I was a production assistant for the movie SINGH. I made sure all the actors and extras knew what they were doing, I helped set up the lighting,” Nelson said.

The experience, Nelson said, will be invaluable to him as he embarks on his own project, a film called Psycho’s Dream.

“It’s definitely helped me to see the proper way to coordinate and direct, and it taught me how to manage time better, especially [with] professional actors,” Nelson said.

Nelson said that his success is, in part, due to the opportunities and support his friends have given him.

“My friend, Jenna Ruiz, directed the film. Her and I have worked together on a few projects previously for a 48 hour film festival, rap videos, and more to come,” Nelson said.

Photos submitted by Jordan Nelson

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