Rappers James Porzio and Jeronimo Davila to Drop New Music

Nathan Miller | Managing Editor

Coming soon: sophomores Jeronimo Davila and James Porzio’s new round of music. The sophomores have already released one song on the music platform SoundCloud, but there’s more to come.

The sophomores say they’ve been rapping since their childhoods.

“In seventh grade, me and a few friends would have rap battles, and they said I could actually spit heat. Since I was making beats, I really just put two and two together,” said Porzio.

Davila said he started rapping with Porzio in middle school.

“[I started rapping] when I was like 12 or 13. Me and James would be walking outside and we’d just start rapping making songs on the street,” Davila said.

Although he started rapping and recording his music in middle school, Davila has had a childhood of music.

“I didn’t really record anything before James, but I still sang and played guitar,” Davila said.

Soon after they met, the sophomores started recording and releasing their music.

“I remember we just sang the chorus in unison down the street and [James] was like ‘brah, let’s record that,’ and four years later we dropped it,” Davila said.

The song, soon after being released on SoundCloud, did well.

“[It did] way better that I thought it was going to. I thought it might get 100 plays at most, but it’s at nearly 3,000 now with 60 likes,” Porzio said.

What the sophomores are working on, Davila said, will be very diverse content wise.

“We’ve really always just tried to say funny stuff in the lyrics, but on songs we are working on there’s serious stuff too. Diversity is key in lyrics,” Davila said.

Both of the sophomores say rap is something they’re considering as a career.

“I saw a movie and it portrayed a really crappy nine to five job,” Davila said. “I never ever want to do that, and I love music, so it’s like the clear path.”

No word on when you can expect more music, but Davila said him and Porzio are in the process of recording new content.

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