Avon’s Got Talent Showcases Variety of Students

By Brannigan Watson|Web Managing Editor

There are a number of clubs, sports teams, and performing ensembles at Avon High School, but is that enough to showcase all of our students’ talents? One place to see student talent, go to Avon’s Got Talent. The show took place on March 13 in the auditorium and included 14 acts.

The show was hosted by student government members, Sophia Garcia and Sophia Trinkle, judges included Ms. Breanna Levy, Mr. Matthew Payne, Mrs. Allison Kelly, and Mr. Jared Emmons.

First to perform was a rock band called The Outliers. They performed a song called Limelight by Rush. The all male group consists of four members and got the crowd excited for the rest of the show.

The second performer was Bria Cottrell. Cottrell is a sophomore and has wanted to be a singer since she was a little girl. She is not in any choirs but is a part of color guard. Cottrell slowed down the show after The Outliers with her performance of You Say by Lauren Diagle.

Next up is a group by the name of Friday. They are an all-girl dance group. Friday performed a routine to the song Gugudan by The Boots. The group had the crowd cheering excitedly, wowed by their performance.

After this, another singer performed. This time it was Marly Palanca. She performed When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish. Marly performed the song in low lighting on her guitar bring a calm setting to the show.

Next up, the crowd got to have some laughs with Urleen Thind. She performed a stand-up comedy routine geared around family, friends, and school. Ironically enough, do to a recent injury, Thind couldn’t stand up. It was still really good stand-up.

After some fun, the show got back to business with Megan Selva. Selva performed a solo a capella version of All of  Me by John Legend. The crowd seemed to love the powerful performance.

Before taking a brief intermission, Owen Van Duyn played a piano medley. The medley was a very intricate act. It began with Van Duyn in a cape playing Toccata and Fugue in D minor, commonly known as Dracula’s theme, followed by Van Duyn wearing a Dundler Mifflin shirt performing the theme song from sitcom, The Office. The medley ended with Van Duyn wearing top hot playing some music with an old Charlie Chaplin vibe, wowing the crowd.

After the short break, the performers and the audience were ready to continue. The night followed with a song and dance performed by Dridri Porzio and Nolan Lantin. A group of girls came together to perform a Bollywood dance medley, something the crowd seemed to be thrilled about. Alexa Margolius and Cordale Hankins performed a Michael Buble piece and the show closed with a routine from some Avon Aerial Orioles members.

After some deliberation, the judges picked their top three winners from all of the amazing contestants. In third place was Trinity Le and Jose Campos who performed a cello and piano piece. In second place, the four Avon Aerial Orioles members, and the champion was Alexa Margolius and Cordale Hankins.

All performers also received a gift card to Chick-Fil-A and put on quite a show. All proceeds funded Carnival for a Cause which will take place in April.


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