Boys Volleyball Wins Against Tri-West

Kaitlyn Mason | Reporter

On March 19, the Avon Boys’ Volleyball team faced Tri-West at Chapel Hill High School. Junior Luke Davis’ voice was heard throughout the game. Shouts of warnings and triumph came from him as the team played.

Davis said he was extremely proud of the team and the work they put in.

“We had people hustling all over the gym to help one another, and great passing overall. We played to win,” Davis said.

With the second set ending with score of 24-26 with Tri-West winning, the third set began with high stakes. The boys were focused on winning as parents cheered support from the bleachers. Junior Joshua Bowman got the final point with a spike, giving Avon the win in the third set. With Bowman’s final spike, Avon won the final set 15-11.

“My favorite part of the game was diving head first into the player chairs along the sideline,” Bowman said. “I also enjoyed watching Luke stand up for me against the other team, just for me to dump the ball over the guy [he] yelled at.”

Junior Justin Abequibel, the team’s libero, substituted in as the setter. Abequibel said the game was tough without their setter, but Davis and Bowman gave him the MVP award for the game.

“Justin managed to serve great balls and set even though he’s not usually a setter,” Davis said. “He was a versatile defensive player.”

Bowman said he was also impressed by Abequibel’s ability to adapt to the new role.

“Justin was able to come into a game, which he was just supposed to be a defensive player, and set very well,” Bowman said.

As for Abequibel, he was a bit nervous to go against Tri-West, a team with strong and powerful players.

“Tri-West was a wild card team with an unknown record, so we were pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect,” Abequibel said. “But in the end, we managed to get that bread.”

The Boys’ Volleyball team, ranked ninth, has another game March 22 at Avon Middle School North where they will face Brownsburg, ranked second.

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