Girls’ Rugby Season Commences

Elshadai Aberra| Social Media Editor



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Avon girls’ rugby season has just begun and is only moving forward. The girls played their first scrimmage against Pike on March 19 and even though there was no score or winner, the scrimmage managed to aide the team in figuring out what they need to work on for the rest of the season and what they are already doing well.

“At the very end of [the scrimmage] we got a try and it was really good because it had been something I was focusing on and we finally got a good play and a good back line run. It was just eye opening and now we know what we need to do and what we need to fix,” said first-year player, junior Sophia Trinkle.

The team has a lot of new players this year, Trinkle being one of them, but they do not plan on letting their lack of pro rugby players set them back. Trinkle says her goal for the team is to stay strong and prosper despite the majority of them being new.

“We have so many new girls, I’m new too, but my goal is to really just figure out what’s going on and how to be a strong team,” said Trinkle.

Rugby is often alluded to bruises and injuries as it is a contact sport and can get rough. The harm that results from the sport can come as quite a shock to new players, but it fails to dismay the team’s speaking captain, senior Kenzi Albrecht.

“Bruises are always a part of [rugby]! We tend to bruise a lot and I’ve had many injuries, but you just need to get used to it and if you learn the right way and don’t try and teach yourself the wrong ways of playing rugby, you won’t get hurt,” said Albrecht.

Regardless of the bruises and the abundance of new players, forwards captain, senior Bailey Steward, sees greatness in her team’s future and is proud of the effort she has witnessed them put in so far.

“I see us growing a lot and working towards our goal; which is state, and I see the girls trying so hard and it makes me beyond happy as a captain to see them grow and learn every day since we have a whole bunch of new girls this year,” said Steward.




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