AHS Hosts Art Drop and Show

Tara Martin | Web Editor-in-Chief

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Posters and pictures crowd the halls, tables of freshly molded and glazed clay stretch up and down The Commons. On Wednesday, May 15, an art show was at Avon High School, displaying works from a multitude of different art classes offered at AHS.

Photography teacher Dustin Allison said that one of the highlights of the event was the wide range of artists and skill level.

“It’s great to see what kids that come in as freshmen can do an intro to 2D [Art] and 3D [Art], all the way through the AP classes,” Allison said. “So it’s great to see the range of student talent we have from beginning freshmen all the way through our graduating seniors.”

For AP art students, the art show is a chance to display their completed AP portfolios. Senior and AP Studio Art student Kate Johnson came out to the art show in order to support her friends and view their work.

“Everyone has a certain theme or [way of] displaying their skills that they’re focused on, and they make tons of art based around it,” Johnson said. “It’s super, super vigorous, but at the end of the year it’s so rewarding. We’ll just kind of fall apart mentally halfway through it in some way, then make it out alive with all this cool stuff.”

Photos by Tara Martin and Brannigan Watson

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