AHS Seniors Participate in Signing Day

Elshadai Aberra and Tara Martin | Social Media Editor and Web Editor-in-Chief

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On Friday, May 17, Avon High School hosted a signing day for seniors in the ALC Cafeteria. Seniors could take pictures with school signs, graduation themed balloons, and even ice cream.

Senior Counselor Ms. Salazar said that AHS put on the event in order to celebrate the end of high school for the Class of 2019.

“We want to know where they’re going; if they’re going to college, if they’re going into the military, if they’re going into the workforce, or an apprenticeship,” Salazar said. “We want to know where they’re going and we want to celebrate that today.”

Senior Jessica Miller said that while getting accepted to college is great, getting two dilly bars is better.

“I’ve loved the memories and experiences I’ve had here at Avon so it’ll be hard to let go. Growing up is hard, so I’m just trying to appreciate the time I have left with everyone before we branch off,” Miller said. “Even though I’m beyond terrified of life after high school I always remember that the best is yet to come.”



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