Q&A with Distinguished Young Woman of Avon, Katie Kobold

Elshadai Aberra | Managing Editor

Q: What inspired you to participate in DYW?

A: Emily Keith, Claire Rightley, and Jadah Rose Coursey participated my sophomore year and I was actually Claire [Rightley’s] little sister so that inspired me to join. Plus it’s a fantastic opportunity in general.

Q: How much effort did you put into DYW?

A: I put in as much work and effort as I could and I think it was worth it.

Q: Which event were you most worried about?

A: I was most worried about the interview because I had never had a formal one before and it was 10 minutes of strangers quizzing me about myself.

Q: Did you learn anything from DYW?

A: I learned so much from DYW: how to speak confidently, how to dress and act in an interview, many other formal things, but also the importance of letting your true self shine through.

Q: What is your favorite memory from DYW?

A: My favorite memory from DYW was probably rehearsing the fitness routine at the end of practices because all of us were loopy and literally acting insane.

Q: Do you personally feel like a distinguished young woman?

A: Not particularly, simply because I know every other girl in the program is distinguished as well; everyone is distinguished in a way.

Q: How have you been treated since you won?

A: A lot of teachers and people I don’t normally talk to have congratulated me, which has been weird, but so nice.

Q: How did it feel when you were announced the DYW of Avon?

A: Incredible. I was definitely in a state of shock and crying, but having my family and friends there, and the girls on stage hugging me, I felt surrounded by so much love.

Q: Are you nervous and/or excited for state?

A: I am both excited and nervous for state because I know it will be an amazing experience with so many other smart young women that I’ll meet. Having the chance to represent Avon is such a blessing and I do not want to waste it.

Q: Do you have any advice for girls interested in participating in DYW next year?

A: I would definitely recommend practicing interview questions and answers, knowing your talent by heart, and more than anything, being confident in yourself.

Photo submitted by Katie Kobold

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