Emily Graves Teaches Dance Lessons at Infinity Dance Academy (Slideshow)

McKensie Kappel | Reporter

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14 years. 14 years of plies and spins and pirouettes for senior Emily Graves. Graves, a member of the Avon Black and Gold Dance Team, has found herself a student turned teacher at Infinity Dance Academy in Plainfield, IN.

Graves, who teaches dancers ages three to 17, started to instruct dance lessons during her freshman year of high school when a few other teachers asked her to help out.

“I teach ballet and I have done a couple jazz lessons,” Graves said. “I do conventions, which is just going out of state, teaching other dancers.”

Graves said that dance will always be a part of her life, teaching or not.

“Right now I’m looking at college ideas, I want to be on a collegiate dance team,” Graves said.

Graves said that teaching dance lessons are a very eye-opening experience for her as she teaches many kids from many different backgrounds.

“It’s just cool to watch a kid like grow out of their shell because a lot of dancers are shy,” Graves said. “But if you put them in front of a big crowd, you’d never know.”

Photos submitted by Emily Graves


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