National Women’s History Month at AHS (Quote Collection & Quiz)

Elshadai Aberra | Managing Editor

After it was petitioned in 1987, Congress designated March as National Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women throughout history. Below are nine Avon students explaining what meaning the month holds for them, followed by a short knowledge quiz of the ladies who have made an impact in America.

What does National Women’s History Month mean to you?malala

I think it’s something to be proud of because women have come a long way and it makes me proud to be a woman because women are kind of the best. Maya Votapeck, 11

Woman’s history month means people should remember the strong women of our past and celebrate them. Alia Embry, 10

To me it’s a celebration of women who were firsts in history. The ones who pushed the boundaries and status quo in order to open more doors for women. Jaila Wright, 11

It’s a month to celebrate the accomplishments and positive changes that women have made over the years! Also, a great time to learn about history and to become empowered
to work towards more equality in the workforce and in general. Marly Palanca, 12

Celebrating the long way we’ve come, even if not perfect, from struggles and prejudices we have overcome. Skylar Jakresky, 11

When I think of women’s history month, I think of the struggles that women have gone through in order to achieve equality and justice. It’s important to reflect on these moments in history and recognize the people who strived for a better world where women have equal opportunities. Dana Peng, 9

Women’s history month is a time when we recognize the women who stood up for themselves in history. It’s a time that represents how women should be proud for who they are. Brittany Crabtree, 10

Women’s history month is a time to celebrate all the progress and achievements women have made! Women have come so far and I’m glad we have this month to remember the women who came before us and shaped our history! Halima Alloosh, 10

I think it’s wonderful that people have decided to dedicate a month to women but personally I feel like women should be uplifted and celebrated all year. Alexa Margolius, 11

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