AHS Students Share Their Favorite Study Spots and Tips

Kaitlyn Mason | Web Managing Editor

Movies tend to depict a stressed out student sitting and staring at a textbook in the comfort of their own home, but just how true is that for students here at Avon? And if not at home, where do students choose to study? For senior Sally Fox, studying outside of her home is just easier.

“I’ve got cats and a sister and a mom at home, so it’s pretty hectic at my house,” said Fox. “There isn’t anywhere to sit down and study without distractions.”

So where does Fox choose to grind? Starbucks.

“I like to study at Starbucks,” said Fox. “It’s quiet and the lights aren’t very bright, so it doesn’t hurt my eyes.”

In comparison to her house, Fox said Starbucks is quieter and has the atmosphere she booksneeds to do her homework. While they tend to have rushes of customers in the evenings, Fox said she is quick to put in earbuds to block out the noise.

“I feel like it can sometimes be distracting… but I always listen to music with my earbuds when I’m there, so I don’t really notice,” said Fox.

Freshman Julia Kirkham shares a similar experience, claiming that her home can be too chaotic at times.

“If I do study at home, I get distracted a lot more and it’s not as easy to meet up with people who may be able to help me with things I don’t understand,” said Kirkham.

The Avon-Washington Township Library is Kirkham’s chosen study spot, due to its availability and calm ambiance.

“I love the library because they have private work rooms in a quiet environment,” said Kirkham. “It’s also a good central location to meet classmates to work together.”

However, even the library can’t save Kirkham from a large distraction: her cellphone.

“When I do [get distracted], it’s with my phone,” said Kirkham. “I usually turn it off and put it in my backpack so it’s not in front of me.”

Junior Beka Hamelin, however, finds her study spot in the comfort of her own home.

“I study in my room, or at the island in my kitchen,” said Hamelin. “In my room, it’s quieter, but at the island I won’t fall asleep.”

Hamelin said her house can be a distraction.

“In my room, my cat and my phone get distracting,” said Hamelin. “In my kitchen, my parents can be the distraction.”

To combat this, Hamelin said she typically takes 15 minute breaks to get the distractions out of her head and back into focus.

“To be fair, I get distracted so easily [that] it’s not a big deal,” said Hamelin.

Struggling to find the oh-so-sweet motivation to hunker down and get some work done? Here are some tips.

  1. Create a rewards system to incentivize yourself for a job well done.
  2. Look at the bigger picture: it’s a lot easier to push through that 8 a.m. class if you know it’ll get you closer to college.
  3. Give yourself a change in scenery. If you normally study in your bedroom and it isn’t working for you anymore, it may be time to move to the kitchen.

Graphic by Morgan Jones.

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