Avon Students Reflect on COVID-19 Timeline as Virus Continues to Spread Throughout Indiana

Lexi Carmack | Reporter

Coronavirus: what started as a joke on social media soon became a harsh reality for the students of Avon.

Now, families have to adjust and make do with the unfamiliar territory of e-Learning.

“We were kind of expecting it, but it still came as a surprise that of all places, it came to Avon,” junior Bella Rios said.

The news broke on Sunday, March 8, that an elementary school student had tested positive for COVID-19, and it was decided that Avon would move to e-Learning for the next day.

“My family instantly felt sad about the families who have loved ones dealing with the virus,” junior Darci Bennett said.

A following press conference on Monday, March 9, caused panic throughout the school community: Avon would be continuing e-Learning through the end of spring break, April 6.

“I don’t think the school is overreacting,” junior Israel Mazon said. “People in our age group aren’t in any immediate danger, but we tend to forget that there are many students with weak immune systems, as well as some with pre-existing medical conditions who may be at higher risk.”

Students were not the only ones thrown off by the situation. Teachers had to prepare lessons quickly, and this, as imagined, could cause some difficult experiences.

“At first it was hard to keep up with all of my classes because it was a little disorganized, but with some time, everyone got used to it, and it’s not as bad as I had previously thought [it would be],” Mazon said.

On Thursday, March 19, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced that all Indiana schools would remain closed until May 1 in hopes to flatten the curve.

“I think this will help prevent the spread because now we won’t be in contact with one another every day,” Bennett said. “It’s been hard adjusting to online school. You have been used to your house being a place to relax and not a workplace.”

Following a final decision from Holcomb on Thursday, April 2, schools must now resort to e-Learning for the rest of the year. With the cancellation of school also comes the cancellation of school activities, such as the spring golf season for junior Kyle Morgan.

“It’s just frustrating considering how much work we have put in to get this point,” Morgan said. “I feel extremely saddened for the two seniors on our team. Both never got to experience their senior seasons and show the State what our team was made of. We plan on coming back next year with fire in our eyes.”

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