Student Parking Lot or Manhattan Traffic Jam? Student Drivers Voice Their Concern

Elshadai Aberra | Managing Editor

There are two words senior Sophia Trinkle would use to describe Avon’s student parking lot: awful and hellish.

“Everyone needs to be more aware of their surroundings and just be good people,” said Trinkle.

Trinkle said the parking lot comes with a boatload of issues, ranging from rude drivers to intense traffic.

greencar“The traffic at AHS is so congested,” said Trinkle. “What makes it worse is that everyone is rude, and no one will let you out, so you just have to sit there like ‘hey’ and then cuss about them in your empty car.”

According to Trinkle, the problems do not stop there.

“Another thing is that on ‘A’ days, I get to leave [to the parking lot] right after school because my class is right by the senior lot doors,” said Trinkle, “but any other day I have to wait maybe 10 minutes.”

Throughout her two years as a student driver, Trinkle said she has experienced one minor accident in the student parking lot, which she did not enjoy.

“It was so obnoxious,” said Trinkle. “I got rear ended by a student in the parking lot, and then the guy behind that dude rear ended him.”

Trinkle is not Avon’s only student driver to have experienced an accident in Avon’s parking lot. Senior Nate Camacho said he caused one himself.

“The accident was mostly my fault, but I guess the structure of the parking lot could also be to blame,” said Camacho. “I really feel like the structure could be better [and] maybe the resource officers could regulate the traffic.”

Camacho said that in an attempt to not repeat his mistakes, he avoids the parking lot’s issues strategically.

“I try to face the problems myself,” said Camacho. “I always try to leave as early as I can before traffic gets really bad or maybe even wait a few minutes or so.”

Junior Megan Williams adds that while traffic can be an issue in the student parking lot, she also views speed control as an issue.speedlimit

“I know the speed limit is 15, but I don’t really obey that,” said Williams. “I probably go five over, but I think the majority of the students who drive don’t really obey that.”

Williams has dealt with this lack of speed control firsthand as she almost got hit by a speeding student driver.

“I almost got into this crash while driving because I was backing out to leave and someone came speeding around the corner and almost hit me,” said Williams.

While Williams is unsure of what administration could do to counter the issues of the parking lot, she said that student drivers are at fault as they need to pay more attention while driving.

“I think the parking lot problems mostly fall on the drivers rather than the way it’s set up,” said Williams. “My friend got into an accident because they were looking on their phone and hit the back of another car. Paying attention would make it easier for everyone and so [would] being patient.”

How Student Drivers Describe Avon’s Parking Lot

“Hectic, chaotic, and terribly dangerous for 15 minutes after the bell.” Jui Desai, 12

“A lawless land.” Olivia Zetty, 12

“Full of people that clearly never learned how to park.” Anna Hodge, 11

“It is like a herd of earthworms coming out in the rain.” Camden Zetty, 10

“Everyday I feel like I’ll get hit because people speed through the parking spots to cut around.” Maddison Phillips, 12

“A mess.” Leah Cary, 12

“Reckless teenagers.” Sriya Koganti, 11

“Parking in the back makes it easier to get out but sometimes it’s complete chaos.” Marly Palanca, 12

“Hell.” Mark Santiago, 12

Graphics by Elshadai Aberra.

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