Yes, I’m an Early Grad (Opinion)

Lexi Carmack | Reporter

When I tell people I’m planning on graduating a semester early, I am usually told that I’m going to regret it, and that I’m going to be missing out on so much. However, I disagree.

By the end of this year, my junior year, the only credits I will need for my senior year will be English, Government, and Economics classes. I don’t have anything pulling me to stay in high school, and I think it’s time that I move on to bigger and better things.

Lots of students are wrapped up in class rank, GPA, and the number of AP exams they can say they’ve passed. I applaud the work ethic, and maybe it’s because I couldn’t do it myself, but I just don’t see the reason for that when I can almost guarantee that 20 years down the road I won’t even know where my high school diploma is at, let alone the cords that we’re going to wear for one day.

High school is temporary. High school is a stepping stone for more important things. High school is a time where we learn how to take responsibility and, yes, work ethic, but there are other ways to learn work ethic than having a full schedule of APs.

I’m taking my semester off to work full time, take my pre-requisites for college online, and hopefully travel. I will be able to learn things without sitting in a classroom for seven hours, stuck in the same building I’ve been in for the past few years, with the people I’ve been around my whole life.

Maybe I’m just ready for a change, but I believe that students should at least explore this
opportunity to get in and get out. Yes, you can still go to prom, and yes, you can still walk at graduation. I’ll have to do a couple classes online, but this sounds much better than spending anymore time in this zombie-like trance, in the same routine every day, focused on getting good grades and not actually enjoying where I’m at.

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