New P.E. Requirements to Come to The Class of 2023

Stephen Dumeyer | Reporter

“Oh, you play a sport? Don’t worry about taking P.E. then, just get a waiver.”

That’s how graduation requirements have been met for all graduating classes here at Avon High School. However, for this year’s freshman and beyond, it won’t be quite as easy.

Counselor David Thompson said the decision did not come from the school.

“I know that we have to follow [the Indiana Department of Education’s] plan,” Thompson said. “For the high school, [their plan] was to pick a class. This is probably the easiest way to introduce a new rule.”

Effective with the class of 2023, students can only complete a P.E. course with one sport, and if they wish to use a second waiver for P.E. II, then they must use another sport to earn the second credit.

Senior volleyball player, Carter Diebold, said that the implementation isn’t a good idea.

“It defeats the purpose of doing some school sports, it was an added benefit to playing a sport you enjoy,” Diebold said. “I find it redundant to have to do a separate sport for the PE credit, because if you don’t switch sports or do an extra one, you’re doing the same amount of work without the reward of the credit.”

Freshman wrestler Saybien Dunn said that some students won’t have enough time for recovery.

“I wrestle all year long,” Dunn said, “I have a month or two to recover before I compete against. I also have multiple practices a day.”

While some may believe that this only comes as an added burden to student-athletes, Thompson says that picking up another sport could help some athletes in other areas of their preferred sport.

“I am a firm believer that playing certain sports helps you perform in another sport.” Thompson said. “I believe that offensive linemen and most defensive positions in football would benefit from the rigors of wrestling. Wrestling is a lot of hand fighting and core control to be successful. This works well for using your hands to block someone and to shed a block and be able to tackle someone in football.”

While Thompson says this is beneficial for certain complementary sports, he admits that other sports don’t go hand-in-hand as well.

“[The added benefit] is not the case if you are in tennis and track.” Thompson said. “I think most coaches want students to get better. They would rather have you in another sport and being committed to that instead of you doing nothing and getting in trouble.”

Diebold said she agrees with the sentiment of broadening one’s horizons, but believes that change wasn’t necessary.

“Technically, yes. It can force the students to go out and try different sports and be more active within the school.” Diebold said. “I’d say keep [the waiver policy] the original way, the way it is right now. As long as students are active in a school sport, they should get P.E. credits for it.”

Despite student’s opinion on the matter, it will be implemented for the class of 2023 and beyond. Thompson says to seek advice from a counselor if you have a problem, but you can’t prevent the education system from moving forward.

“Change is inevitable. We all have to deal with it on some level.” Thompson said. “This is a good experience to learn as a student that will help you through the challenges of life.”


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