AHS Students’ Thoughts on Hybrid Schedule

Mebele Onwuaduegbo | Reporter

“I honestly enjoy the hybrid schedule. Class sizes seem less overwhelming, hallways are much less congested, and teaching seems to be more “one-on-one”. I do miss seeing some friends, but taking necessary precautions is important for the safety of students.” -Hayden Sawyer, 12

“There are some things I do like and some I don’t. I like that there’s still physical classes. It’s necessary and more fun, but it also is wonky for some classes. I feel like the learning is something that’ll take time to get used to but by the time I have a good feel to it then it’ll be over by then.” -Emmanuel Gichaba, 11

“I get the meaning behind [the hybrid schedule] and what it’s trying to accomplish, I don’t think Avon is doing a very good job though. For starters they are being very inconsistent with things and many of my friends have told me that the combination of e-learning and in school is very confusing and many of the teachers haven’t had practice with it either which makes it even harder. ” -Kevin Archer, 10

“I’m alright with it, not really that big of a deal for me. I prefer e-learning by itself.” –Nikhil Mahant, 9

“The hybrid schedule is kinda complicated because sometimes I get lost about what days I actually have to go to school and what days I don’t.” -Arizely Marte Valencia, 9

“For me, being a junior, I don’t really like it because all my friends are at the beginning of the alphabet so I don’t get to see them as much. Other than that it’s fine.” -Haley Miller, 11

“I think it’s fine, it could be better. I think it’s better than what we did before where we were at school all the time just because of safety concerns. At the same time, going to full e-learning is rough for students that are trying to learn new content so the hybrid has a little bit of everything. I know it’s hard to manage and hard for teachers. Hopefully, we can go back to school full time if health regulations allow it.” -Alicja Stoppel, 12

“I like the hybrid schedule, I think it helps that not as many people are in the school at once and that relieves some stress from students.” -Haley Clark, 10

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