Changes to Sitting in the Stands of Fall Sports

Kellie Reynolds | Reporter

Many students’, staff, and parents’ concerns about fall sports have been rising with the uncertainty of COVID-19. People are wondering what will happen to our sports this fall season at Avon High School.

Senior Amelia Collier, one of the Oriole Army Leaders at AHS, and Brad Holsinger, AHS’s athletic director, have been working hard to follow the IHSAA guidelines to continue with fall sports this season. Although most decisions are not up to Holsinger, they are working to keep Oriole fans in the stands.

Holsinger shares his plan with us to continue with Athletics and fans in the stands. Holsinger said fans will be permitted this fall though they all will be required to wear masks.

“Currently our capacity plan has been submitted to the county department of health approved for us to have 1,250 Fans at the varsity football games and 250 fans at other varsity games,” said Holsinger.

Collier said the football games may be limited, but they’ll be better than school itself.

“The new procedures are safer than any in person school day,” said Collier.

Fans will be asked to stay six feet apart and keep masks on at all times. The concessions are planned to open but all food will be prepackaged. “All workers will be wearing gloves and masks,” said Holsinger.

How will tickets be sold? Holsinger said 250 tickets will be available to parents of athletes, 250 tickets will be available for visitors, 250 tickets for students, 250 for general admission, and 250 for staff and cops. You can get your tickets presale at AHS.

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