AHS Students’ Plans for Fall Break

Nuhamin Demeku | Reporter

As Fall Break commences, the Echo decided to ask students what they plan to do this fall break. Check out what they had to say:

“I’m going to just hang out with my friends and family lots of bonfires! I will probably spend a lot of time biking and mental health catch up stuff-like digital art. Not going anywhere!” Sriya Koganti, 12

“For fall break I’m just going to stay at home and rest. I am also going to prepare for any upcoming extracurricular events. I will probably also go shopping.” Dana Pang, 10

“I am staying in Avon and going to my dad’s. I plan to go to the orchard and hangout with family.” Katelynn Gallagher, 12

“For fall break I am going to Baltimore Maryland to visit family.” Yanet Kassahun, 11

“For fall break, I’ll probably be staying at home and hanging out with friends socially distant.” Alex Garcia, 11

“I’m planning on staying in Avon the whole fall break mainly because COVID has made it harder to travel. During break, I’m going to be hanging out with friends and spend some time with my family.” Tiwebista Demeku, 9

“I plan on staying at home and doing college stuff. Like applications, essays, and scholarships. I also plan on playing some tennis. I probably won’t go anywhere too significant due to social distancing, but I might visit some family friends.” Harsh Duvvuru, 12

“My family and friends are going to Rosemary beach for a week.” Megan Moore, 11

“My plans for fall break [are] to work at my job and hopefully hang out with friends. I’m also planning on going to Chicago to see the bean and going to the mall.” Perla De La Cruz, 12

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