Avon Hosts Student Choreographed “Dance Gala”

Elshadai Aberra | Web Editor-in-Chief

On March 18 from 7 pm to 8 pm, Avon High School’s ADV Technique dance class hosted their very own Dance Gala.

They’ve been preparing and choreographing since the beginning of the school year.

“Gala is made up of all the students’ own dances and ideas,” said senior performer, Isabella Wall.

While at a first glance a student choreographed performance seems hectic, Isabella explained the order to the madness.

“The students choreograph everything. We place the class into groups, and each group gets a certain amount of time to write and teach their dance to other students in the class to perform,” said Isabella. “Each student in the class takes the place of a choreographer, as well as a student learning around four dances each.”

Fellow senior performer Julianna Wall said she is excited to have had the opportunity to showcase the class’s hard work.

“We’ve been working pretty hard! Choreography, teaching, light cues, and costumes [were] all done by the students, which comes together nicely, yet is a lot to put together,” said Julianna.

Photos by Kennedy Bolin

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