Worst and Best Aspects of AHS According to Students

Morgan Armor | Reporter

“The best thing is probably the school spirit since a lot of schools don’t have that great of a student body. Also, the amount of different classes Avon has to offer like the AP classes and performing arts classes.” 

“It is difficult to say what the worst thing about Avon is. But something that can be improved is the maintenance. The G-hall bathrooms are crying.” 

  • Alyssa Dawson, 12 

‘The best thing about Avon, to me, is the diversity. We have a wide variety of students from different backgrounds. Also, the teachers here are nice and helpful for the most part.” 

  • Delaney Henderson, 12  

“The best thing about AHS is how many clubs and programs there are for anyone to join, and each club makes you feel included.” 

“The worst thing about Avon would have to be the bathrooms the club advertisement. Those bathrooms are never fixed (at least the male ones because those are the worst). There isn’t enough advertisement for all the clubs that’ll get students motivated to support every part of the school. I feel like clubs and their sponsors aren’t really reaching out to every student to get them to join some type of club.” 

  • Quintin Zeigler, 11 

 “I would say the best thing about AHS is the wide variety of clubs and AP courses as well.” 

“The worst thing would say is the bathrooms. I would like to see the bathrooms fixed so more than 1/3 of the sinks work.” 

  • Ethan Crowe, 11 

“The best part about Avon is probably the teachers. I’ve had a few teachers that actually made me want to learn.” 

“The worst things are probably the state of the school and the funding distribution. There’s barely any room without water damage on a ceiling tile, and a majority of bathrooms are broken, or the sinks don’t work. Also, how much money we spend on football is annoying. I understand it does bring us income, but our food is becoming so bad.” 

  • Robin Vester, 11 

“The worst things in my opinion are the lengthy announcements in the morning and at the end of the day, the cut-up hair in the bathrooms, and the food I’ve made in advanced foods.” 

“The best things are probably some of the lunch options like the Mac and Cheese, the art classes, and learning about road rage and driver’s safety.” 

  • Lainey Westfall, 10  

“The part of Avon that I can appreciate the most is the diversity. On top of that, there are many clubs and activities to join.” 

“However, the worst part in my opinion is the divides between some of the students. This pertains to politics, race, gender, and even down to the divide between people’s extracurriculars.”  

  • Rashad Coleman, 11  

“The best thing is probably how supportive and kind some teachers are.” 

“The worst thing is probably the way AHS handles serious situations, trans issues, and the COVID pandemic in general.”  

  • Vesna Feiock, 11 

“The best thing in my opinion is the some of the teachers.” 

“The worst thing is probably the guidance office and how they operate” 

  • Sam Oliveira-Lamey, 11 


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