Interact Club Hosts International Social

Kadijatu Balde | Reporter

Three-thousand different faces with different backgrounds go in and out of this school daily. Meeting new friends for some students can be challenging, especially if their first language isn’t English.

Avon’s Interact Club threw a get-together during SRT on Nov. 7 in order to help bridge the gap between students with different cultural identities and backgrounds. Club sponsor and Avon Rotary Club member Pam Lyons said that since launching the project six years ago, Interact Club has worked to build a rapport with attendees and now organizes three socials each year.

“We’re always looking for ways to make things better for people and this time we said let’s do it in our own school,” Lyons said. “It was that desire to do something international and connect with kids who may not feel the connection at this school.”

Junior and foreign exchange student Yuuka Mizutani said that she was excited for the social because of the language barrier she faces while in school.

“Yeah, I like it because I’ve never seen these people before, but now we can talk to each other and get to know each other,” Yuka said.

Junior and Interact Club Member Nuhamin Demeku, who learned English as a second language when she moved to America, said that she understands how it feels to be in an international student’s position.

“I was very nervous to see how [the social] would go and I wasn’t sure if they would feel comfortable, but I think after the game everyone got really excited and we were engaging in actual conversations,” Demeku said. “It was nice sharing stories and hearing similarities between our lives, even though we’re really different and yet also the same.”

Photo by Urleen Thind

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