Keeping Up with the Clubs: Computer Science Honors Society

Kadijatu Balde | Reporter

The amount of classes relating to computer science are starting to grow at AHS.

From the AP Computer Science courses to the new Cyber Security class, the interest in computer science has been proven to be prominent.

Now, some students at Avon have decided to further this interest by joining Avon’s new Computer Science Honor Society. The club first met in January, and has now inducted about 40 students.

One student, senior Garret Ivie, said he learned about the club in one of his computer science classes.

“Some prerequisites are required, like being in a computer science class for at least a year,” Ivie said.

Ivie said that after details of the meeting were announced on the Oriole Report, more people seemed to be interested in joining. 

“I’m a huge nerd for computers. I love everything about them,” said Ivie. “Plus, I’m very good at computer programming and [I like] having an opportunity to help people.”

Although CSHS is fairly new to Avon, most of the members, including Vice President Jacob Beaman, are hopeful for the success of this club. Beaman said that the club is planning an event to inspire younger kids to learn computer science.

“We might end up visiting the elementary or intermediate schools to teach them about the basics of coding [with Minecraft: Education Edition],” Beaman said.


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