To The Class of 2022 (Quote Collection)

Elshadai Aberra | Managing Editor


Junior year is the most important of your high school career. Applying to college is just around the corner, and after ten years of schooling, you’re most likely exhausted and ready to receive your diploma. From students who have been there, done that, here is the best advice for making the most of next year.

“This year is not fun, but you learn so much; so stay positive, it’s worth it.” – Sophia Garcia, 11

“Be chill.” – Jack McClanahan, 11

“Stay focused. Only two years left.” – Sriya Koganti, 11

“Don’t get so focused on academics, make time for your family and friends.” – Leeyha Shimelis, 11

“Know your priorities and learn time management. Junior year can easily make or break you.” – Skylar Jakresky, 11

“Make time for homework.” – Eric Tran, 11

“Junior year is supposed to be hard, but it’s not a living nightmare. Don’t feel like you need to take every AP class on the planet, but please do your homework when you get straight home so you can get adequate sleep.” – Leif Blake, 11

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