Avon Girls’ Soccer Team Alumna Reflects on HS Career After Joining Professional Team

Savannah Abshire Sports Editor

From a varsity position on Avon’s soccer team to playing in a professional soccer league, Avon alumna Kelsey Dossey has done it all. Dossey holds the Indiana high school career shut-outs record at 51.

After high school, Dossey went on to play soccer at a division one school, University of soccer ball realMissouri, where she had 203 saves, becoming one of only four to do so. Dossey was one of the most decorated players in the University of Missouri’s history.

She then went to play semi-professionally with the team Fire and Ice out of St. Louis, MO. Dossey is now playing for the professional team, RCD Espanyol Femení.

“It’s been an absolute blessing. I’ve experienced more than I could imagine just with all of the traveling, constant changes, new adventures, friendships created, and obstacles that have been faced,” said Dossey. “I have learned a lot about myself as a person and who I am on and off the field. Soccer has propelled me in life in so many ways physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am forever grateful for this beautiful sport.”

History was made on Nov. 2, 2013, after the Avon Girls’ Varsity Soccer team won their first State title. They defeated the Fishers Tigers in overtime and only scored a single point that was put on the board by junior Cassidy Blacha.

They finished fifth in the nation and first in the State. The team that year consisted of Blacha, junior Kelsey Dossey, and senior, mental attitude award winner, and co-captain of the team, Sarah Zolack.

“It was a dream to win State back in high school. Everything we had sacrificed and laid on the line had come to full fruition,” said Dossey. “We were all committed. We genuinely enjoyed what we were doing. There was a passion and goal mindset that you can’t teach.”

During the 2013 season, the Orioles beat 19 teams, only lost twice during the season, and they finished the season with a 10-game winning streak.

The team’s win is something that girls who played in the years after still look up to and an era that coaches still discuss.

“That team worked hard. Avon had never made it that far and they were able to create a name for Avon girls’ soccer,” said senior Maddie Anderson.

Graphic by Morgan Jones.

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