Avon’s Orchestra Department Hosts “Parking Lot Pops” Concert

Sam Sublette | Managing Editor

The “Parking Lots Pops” was a new beginning for the Avon orchestra. The concert began on September 30 at six p.m. outside doors 40 and 41 at Avon high school. Since Avon high school practices social distancing, the concert was preformed outside which has never occurred before in Avon orchestra history. Senior Olivia Sparzo, co-president for the orchestra, outlines the challenges that the Orchestra had to face while remaining socially distant.

“When planning this year’s fall orchestra concert, it was quite a new experience for me, Westman, Powell, and the rest of the leadership team. We had to take in account how to pull off a concert without limiting parents from coming to see their kids,” Sparzo said. “We all had to experience the crazy amount of wind, playing with masks on, and the different types of acoustics we aren’t normally used to.”

Besides the challenges that were faced, Senior Megan Linzey, co-president for the orchestra, said the concert was a success.

“I’d definitely say [it was a success], there were challenges for sure, but having the community get together and enjoy music outside was worth the challenges,” Linzey said.

Sparzo outlines what made the concert successful.

“A great turn out, wonderful weather, being able to be all together, and the hard work all the kids put into it [were the positives],” Sparzo said.

However, Sparzo also proposes possible improvements for the next time’s concert.

“Better ways to keep stand from falling, more practice outside, film for families who can’t be there [are the improvements],” Sparzo said.

Lindsey also addresses another possible improvement for any future outside concerts.

“It’d be nice to have an extra rehearsal outside since we’re used to having sound bounce back,” Linzey said.

Sparzo said “Parking Lot Pops” will most likely not be the last outdoor concert for the Avon Orchestra. Preparations are also being made for the orchestra’s winter concert.

“Due to the turn out of this fall concert, we do hope to maybe make this a new tradition to have our fall concert outside and make “Parking Lot Pops” a part of the Avon orchestra. We hope [to have] our winter concert, [but] we’re still in stage 5 and can perform in the auditorium,” Sparzo said.

Photos courtesy of the orchestra department.

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