Quarantined? Here’s How to Stay Productive:

Morgan Armor | Reporter

It’s safe to say that quarantine has taken its physical, mental, and emotional toll on all of us. But it’s time to get out of that bed, off TikTok, and to start getting active again. So, here are some activities/ways to be productive if quarantined:

  1. Try video games that get you moving 

Video games that involve physical activity or simulates activities like tennis, soccer, dancing, etc. can be a fun alternative that also incorporate hobbies that we may not be able to participate in directly right now. An example of one of these games could be “Just Dance”. 

  1. Go outside frequently 

Whether it is a leisure walk around your neighborhood or a mile run, go outside and get active. This    has been proven to improve mental health. Studies show that going outdoors lowers stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. 

  1. Take movement breaks throughout the day 

With e learning, it is easy to get stuck in your work and stay in one place for a long time with no breaks. Instead of staying in the same spot, try setting a timer for your breaks and doing a few sets of your favorite exercise. One good example is doing some push-ups or sit ups. If you aren’t one who enjoys workouts, taking a pet for a walk or doing a chore you have been meaning to do may be a good alternative.  

  1. Create a plan for yourself 

Having a schedule is an easy way to stay productive and have a sense of normalcy in this time.  

  1. Watch a documentary 

Not everyone likes reading books, so documentaries are an entertaining way to get information. Netflix has many popular documentaries ranging from true crime to political. If you don’t have Netflix, there are web-series on YouTube that are also informative.  

  1. Learn a new skill 

If there is something that you have wanted to do but you never had the time to, this is a great time to try it.  

  1. Complete a daily puzzle 

It may not sound like fun, but puzzles are a way to improve your memory, problem solving skills, and increase your IQ. Jigsaws, crosswords and Sudoku are popular puzzles that can be found on app stores for phones at little to no cost at all. 

  1. Try a DIY project 

Do it yourself projects are a fun way to stay busy, while fixing/making everyday items that are useful to you. Or if you are just the crafty type, they are a nice creative outlet to create whatever your heart desires.  

  1. Listen to more music 

In this age, any genre of music is available to us at any time. While you sit at home, try exploring different types of music that you may have never heard of or wanted to listen to before quarantine. There is too much music out there to stay in the same realm of music you are used to.  

  1. Meditate 

Meditation has been proven to release stress and improve wellbeing. It’s easy to become very overwhelmed in times like this, so try to find a time where you can sit in a quiet space or listen to therapeutic music and relax.  

Illustration by Elshadai Aberra

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