Teachers’ Thoughts on Continuing In-Person Instruction

Morgan Armor | Reporter

Many students have voiced their opinions on returning to in-person instruction and how long they thought it would last, but what do teachers think?

“I feel conflicted. Full-force in-person is easier to plan, and I certainly like seeing students regularly. However, I felt much more comfortable under the Hybrid Schedule and was just getting used to it. I LOVED the small classes and the ability to actually socially distance and felt like I was protecting students more in a way that I cannot do at all in full-force in-person.” Mrs. Meunier

“I like that I see my students every other day, but it’s a challenge because we have more kids quarantined now than we did during hybrid. It is not easy to provide the same quality of instruction for students who are at home as we do for those who are in person.” Mrs. Kern

“I think I feel two ways about being back full time in person. First, I am glad to be back seeing my students regularly because actually teaching is the best part of the job. However, my classroom is so small that social distancing is not at all possible so one positive case in my room could have a significant impact.” Mr. Derda

“I think going to school in person is MUCH better for the students and the teachers. In person school creates teacher student connection and helps students be more accountable. In addition it offers students the ability to ask questions and clarify assignments in the moment versus through email or texting. Finally in person learning helps students stay focused because at home there are many distractions and interruptions that cause a student to get off track.” Mrs. Mosson

“While I do think ‘school’ functions more naturally when students are here in person, I also worry about the students who are in and out of quarantine. Keeping up with schoolwork without a consistent schedule is difficult, and I can only imagine that students are struggling mentally and emotionally as well.” Ms. Cozad

“I didn’t realize how much I appreciated working with students until all the students in the builder were gone and we were doing e-learning. It is a great reminder to why I chose to be a teacher in the first place. I’m very excited to have everyone back, and I will deal with the masks and cleaning measures to be able keep students in my room.” Mr. Pond

“I have mixed feelings. I want to be all in person for teaching and to see everyone and to get back to a normal life, but when considering the health impact of COVID – lives lost, people sick, and some long-term health effects we don’t know much about yet, I don’t think it is the right choice. We know people are going to travel over fall break, winter break, spring break… Even the hybrid schedule was a better option to reduce risks, but the plan is to come back all in person still.” Mrs. Tauer

“I would say that it is easier to teach in person than a hybrid or totally virtual model, but it’s tougher to follow safety procedures & social distance with everyone back in person.” Ms. Neal

Photo by Elshadai Aberra

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