Avon Senior Labiba Imdad Has Lived In Canada and Bangladesh

By Josh Muller | Reporter

Q: Where did you transfer from, specifically?

A: “I came from Toronto, Ontario.”

Q: When did you transfer here?

A: “I transferred here at the end of my junior year.”

Q: What are the major differences you have noticed since moving?”

A: “The course load here is a lot more. In Canada we only have about four courses a semester, or about eight courses a year. We also don’t have GPAs; we just use percentages. And coming from Canada, the homework is a lot. High school students studying here have it pretty tough.”

Q: Did you spend your whole life in Toronto, or have you been elsewhere in the world?

A: “I was born in Toronto, but I moved away when I was seven to Bangladesh. I went back to Canada when I was 14.”

Q: What was life like in Bangladesh?

A: “It was really different. I felt that, because I was born in Canada, that I was a foreigner and that people treated me differently, even though my background comes from there and that culture.”

Q: What do you think is the hardest class you are taking this year?

A: “AP Psychology.”

Q: Do you like Canada or the United States more, since living here?

A: “I’ve always loved Canada, since I have so many memories there, and I’m used to the weather there. I love colder weather which Canada usually had. Where I lived there was always something to do like malls, stores and shops all over the place. There was no way one could be bored living there.”

Q: Did you learn French when you lived in Canada?

A: “I did take four years of French classes, but I definitely do not speak French. People think that almost everybody in Canada speaks French, but that’s not the case. We all took the class but we don’t really have a use for it.”

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