Keeping Up With The Clubs: Spanish Honor Society

By Dia Gill | Web Managing Editor

Avon High School offers students a variety of experiences with foreign languages. These range from taking classes like Spanish, French, or Japanese to travelling abroad with teachers. For students enrolled in Spanish IV for AP Spanish, participating in Spanish Honor Society is also an option.

Participation in the honor society comes with certain expectations and requirements.

“Spanish Honor Society is a group of inducted members in Spanish IV and AP Spanish who are dedicated to including the Spanish language in their future education and careers. To be in Spanish Honor Society, all members must obtain a passing grade in their Spanish class and complete at least three hours of service,” said senior Claire Trinkle.

Trinkle is serving as president of the club for the 2017-2018 school year. Through her passion for Spanish, she has received opportunities that have shaped what she plans to do with her future.

“The summer before this school year, I was given the opportunity to travel to Spain with the Indiana Honors Program in Foreign Languages,” she said. “This opportunity allowed me to experience a new culture in a fully immersive way. Because of my experiences with Spanish, I plan to study International Communication in college and dedicate a part of my career to promoting the importance of foreign language education in the public school system.”

Typically, Spanish Honor Society meets once a month with the goal of completing activities, lessons, or both. Club members work hard to get involved within the school and community.

“Every SRT, members from the [honor society] offer free Spanish tutoring to any student enrolled in a Spanish class. All a student needs to do is get a pass from their Spanish teacher and come to Señor Emmons’ room, ALC 202.”

When they aren’t tutoring fellow students or participating in school events like Trunk or Treat, club members try to plan activities outside of regular meetings that allow them to use the Spanish language.

“Every semester, we meet at El Meson for a club dinner, we host a Game/Movie night where we watch Netflix in Spanish, play games, and eat snacks. As a club, we went to see Disney’s CoCo, and we plan on participating in Cultural Night at River Birch by teaching basic Spanish words to elementary school kids and their families. We also plan on participating in Global Goodies and the Multicultural fair next semester,” said Trinkle.

Whether students are in need of tutoring, enrolled in higher level Spanish classes, or looking for ways to get more involved in the Spanish language, Spanish Honor Society has something to offer.


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