Students Share Thoughts on Finals

“I’d say that they’re almost unnecessary. I’d so much rather have a final project that’s been worked on for most of the semester than take tests.”

  • Bella Rios, 9

“Finals week: The time I have to turn on my brain and remember what I learned in July.”

  • Sriya Koganti, 9

“The one thing that I like about the finals setup is that most teachers give students study time before and after the final, so it’s not like you are taking tests straight back-to-back, but I don’t like how there are three finals in the last two days. It’s a lot to handle. I think the school should change it to 2 tests a day instead.”

  • Jui Desai, 10

“I’m tired.”

  • Conner Barnes, 11

“Finals may be a pain, but they’re important to do well on because if you don’t it can destroy your grade. It doesn’t really help you in most cases though. Maybe if they were weighted a bit more students would try harder on them.”

  • Reese Chesher, 11

“There is a lot of pressure to do well and some of my grades are borderline.”

  • Jacie Little, 11

“Finals themselves aren’t that bad, but the week before [them] is the worst. We have all of our unit tests and then go straight into finals with almost no time to review an entire semester worth of information. If we had more time to review, I think they wouldn’t be nearly as stressful.”

Erin Mclain, 11

“Finals are very stress inducing and the only thing that pushes me through the week is that we have break after.”

  • Janvi Patel, 12


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