Winter Semi-Formal Tickets Go On Sale In Two Weeks

By Dia Gill | Web Editor-in-Chief

From the class of 2019 to the class of 2022, there isn’t a single student at Avon High School that has experienced an Avon-sponsored dance for the entire student body. For the past five years we have celebrated Homecoming with a tailgate before the game. While this school year was no different, student government did agree to demands for a school dance inclusive of underclassmen and upperclassmen. The “Winter Wonderland” themed Winter Semi-Formal will take place on Dec. 1.

Student body president Hannah Schafer credits finances and waning interest as the reason for the recent lack of dances for the entire student body.

“The biggest reason we stopped having dances like Homecoming is because of finances. The longer we had a Homecoming Dance, the less people came, and Student Government began to lose money on dances. While money is not the reason we put on dances, if we aren’t able to break even on DJ, food, venue, and decoration costs then we can’t put on a student dance,” said Schafer.

Additional challenges include reserving space. Earlier this school year, Student Government put out a survey to measure student interest in a homecoming dance. Although there was a positive response, it was too late to plan.

“It can be difficult to add a new event once the school year has already started. Most of the time for larger events like Prom, the venue is reserved a year in advance, so adding a new event really depends on being able to find an available space. This year, we were able to reserve the field house at the very beginning of school since we knew there was high interest,” said Schafer.

And thus, the Winter Semi-Formal was born. Many students have inquired on the dress code for the dance, to which Schafer emphasizes the fact that it is a semi-formal dance.

“Male students are not required to wear a suit. A pair of khakis or slacks and a nice collared button-down is the expectation. For girls, semi-formal means that knee-length dresses would be appropriate, but due to the cold weather we are considering the standard to be longer dresses,” she said. “Semi-formal gives a lot more freedom to students on what to wear, so as long as you look nice and feel great, then go for it.”

Anatomy and Physiology teacher Miss Lauren Patton oversees student government’s executive board. With this role she supervises any and all arrangements associated with the DJ, decorations, ticket sales, etc.

“Students have been asking for a second dance for several years, so our class officers and executive board made it happen,” said Patton. “We hope students will celebrate Avon High School at the dance and be proud to be an Oriole.”

Tickets go on sale Nov. 12th  and will be available for purchase until November 23rd for $20. The dance will only be open to Avon High School students, so older dates or dates from other schools will not be allowed. Students should also expect to be breathalyzed on their way in and out of the dance. Schafer hopes the event is a success, and that it brings together the entire student body.

“What I really want to accomplish with the Winter Dance is a sense of inclusiveness for all grades at the high school since it is open to everyone,” she said. “Since this is a new event, this is likely to be the event that most defines what my presidency ends up standing for, so my goal is to have an event that draws in the most students and provides a positive high school experience for as many students as possible. All in all, I really just want to put on a fun event for my peers.”

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