Recap: Football Team Beats Brownsburg 38-0 to Take Sectional Title

By Morgan Jones | Reporter

On Friday night, Avon took home a victory as they played Brownsburg during sectional action of the IHSAA state tournament. The big game was marked by personal achievements for many: senior Jalen Peterson scored three touchdowns, senior Alex Griffith had a total of nine solo tackles, while sophomore Henry Hesson passed a total of 318 yards.

The last time Avon took on Brownsburg on Sept. 7, the game ended with a loss, 21-7. However, with their season on the line, Avon came through, winning with a final score of 38-0. Up to that point, Brownsburg’s team had enjoyed an undefeated season.

On Friday, students took to blankets as they filled the stands and endured the cold game. Many were unsure of whether or not Avon would prevail due to the team’s previous loss, but with bags of popcorn and plenty of school spirit, the student section was abundant with the cheers of hopeful fans.

It became evident to sophomore Sarah Handlon that, after the first quarter, Avon was bound to take home the win. With a score of 21-0, the student section became confident in the possibility of winning a sectional title.

“[We’ve] had a really stellar season so far, and our loss against Brownsburg was just a little hiccup,” Handlon said. “We’re already doing amazing in this game so far, and if we keep it up, I really do think we have a chance [to win].”

Similarly, senior Alondra Ortega-Alfaro thought that the team was much better prepared to take on Brownsburg for the Nov. 2 sectionals game, in part because the veterans of the team pushed themselves. For example, senior Jalen Peterson scored 18 points of the final 38 for Avon.

“I feel like everybody just has their head in the game. They really want to get revenge on Brownsburg,” Ortega-Alfaro said. “I feel like, for a lot of the seniors, they really just want to go as far as they can [in this last year], and really make the most out of it.”

Avon is set to take on Center Grove on Nov. 9 as they advance to Regionals.

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