Avon High School Show Choirs Prepare for 2020-2021 Season

Zoe Benson |Reporter

A-double C-E-N-T-S! GO ACCENTS GO!


Although ISSMA events are canceled, it did not stop Avon High School show choirs from continuing their season. They have created shows and are still able to travel to different high schools in Indiana to compete.

Accents’ show this year is called Iconic. This mixed show choir takes some of the most iconic songs in history and brings them to life with their lively dancing! Senior Jynesis Chandler says, “We are taking iconic songs from different icons like Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Madonna.”

Attractions’ show is all about an escape room! The all-girls group gets trapped in a locked room and must find their way to freedom in this suspenseful show! Will they get out?

Senior Cordale Hankins says, “As a whole, the most entertaining part of the show was would probably be the dancing but specifically it would be the closer,” in the Accents show.

These groups do go out and compete against other choirs, but the whole point is to entertain and have fun.

Sophomore Dara Akinbola says, “The closer and the opener are very upbeat, and I just love all the energy that we all have,” is her favorite part of the Attraction show.

Although these shows can entertain, difficulties may come up while learning to sing and dance their songs along with wearing a mask, but other problems could also occur.

Akinbola says that the hardest part for Attraction is, “Singing while dancing is becoming a problem, but we are working on it.”

Junior Rashad Coleman, member of Accents says that the hardest part is, “Building endurance to be able to sing on key and over the band at the same time along with getting your singing and dancing right.”

These choirs preview their shows on January 29th at 7 in the high school’s auditorium. Students, parents, and teachers can see these show choirs perform on any given Saturday in February and March. They will also be performing at AVI, the show choir competition at Avon High School.

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