High School Never Ends-Avon Teachers Share Their Experiences as AHS Students

Connor Brownfield | Web Managing Editor

Every Avon High School teacher was once a student. They did homework, took tests, participated in extracurriculars, and eventually walked across the stage to collect a diploma. But some of them did it at Avon High School.

There are several teachers at Avon High School who donned the black and gold in their teens, and who have seen AHS change and grow over the years since. One such teacher is Trigonometry and Calculus teacher Kyle Meunier, who graduated from Avon High School in 2001. Meunier said that the biggest change at Avon High School since he was a student is the size, both with regards to the building and the student body.

“When I was here, we had about 1,000 students total. There were 309 kids in my graduating class. Now there are well over 3,000 kids and the building has gotten several additions,” Meunier said.

But not just the size has changed, at least in the opinion of Math teacher Brian Tearman. Tearman said that there are tons of classes at Avon High School now that were not offered when he was a student in the 1980s and 1990.

“There were maybe one or two AP classes. There was maybe one computer programming class, but nothing like all the options there are now,” Tearman said.

Although the building size has been enlarged and the class scene has changed, the student experience is the biggest area where Avon has changed, at least according to AP Environmental Science teacher Lisa Kern. Kern said the pressure on students has increased since she was at AHS.

“Back then we didn’t have grade weighting, which I think has both good and bad characteristics. The hardest working students now feel quite a push to get those huge GPAs. We didn’t have the same level of pressure to be the best,” Kern said.

Regardless of the changes Avon High School has gone through, Meunier said that he thinks Avon is in a good place.

“Avon has grown, it’s progressed, it’s changed for the better. Change is a good thing. If you are not making progress, you are not doing anything. Avon has definitely moved forward, and it is a great place to be. I am happy to be back here and do my part to give back,” Meunier said.

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