Most Likely To: Soccer Edition

Have you ever watched the varsity girls’ soccer team play and wondered which player could be a superhero in disguise? Or watched the boys’ team and wondered which athlete was most likely to invent a time machine?

If these burning questions have been keeping you up at night, then this is the story for you! After an interview with a varsity captain from the boys’ team, Ryan Esamann, and a varsity captain from the girls’ team, Taylor Purtee, we now have answers to five of these most sought-after questions.

Question One: Most likely to be a superhero in disguise?

Ryan Esamann: Landen Moore. He has, he has this mindset. Like he always- he could be the hero, just for every story in general. He’s always that guy on the field that we’re looking for. It’s just, it’s the same, if there was a crime, you’d be looking towards him.

Taylor Purtee: Molly [Williams], because she gets just random bursts of energy. And is always super tough.

Question Two: Most likely to parachute out of an airplane?

Ryan Esamann: I think Joseph [Orisadare], he has this super outgoing personality and he’s up to try anything. And I feel like if you just throw him in a plane, he wouldn’t hesitate to jump out of it. Even without the parachute honestly.

Taylor Purtee: Definitely, Ella [Shaffer]. She just seems like she’d like to do anything. You know, fearless, I guess.

Question Three: Most likely to star in a Cheez-it commercial?

Ryan Esamann: I could see Sam Torres being in a Cheez-it commercial. He has these nice, perfect teeth. And I could see it zooming in on his face while he takes a bite of Cheez-it. He has nice teeth. It’s just perfect for a commercial.

Taylor Purtee: I think Maddie Haggard, because she’s just goofy and I think that’s something she’d do.

Question Four: Most likely to win a fight against a crocodile?

Ryan Esamann: It’s definitely Joseph [Orisadare]. Just because he’s so huge, like he is- he’s probably the strongest guy in the school. And without a doubt I could see him winning the fight.

Taylor Purtee: Carlyn and Ella, they’re super strong and tough.

Question Five: Most likely to invent a time machine?

Ryan Esamann: Braylon Cleveland. He has these goggles he wears, and it makes him look so smart. And he’s extremely smart. So, I could see him creating a time machine.

Taylor Purtee: Maddy Rogers, she is super smart.

Question Six: Most likely to get pulled over driving to school?

Taylor Purtee: I feel like Ella [Shaffer] because when she’s in a rush, she drives a little crazy. I’d get pulled over from going too slow but definitely Ella for reckless.

Well, there you go. Hopefully these answers helped to shine some light on the questions that have been eating you up on the inside.

If your still curious about these players, stop by a school soccer game sometime and get to know the teams better!


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