AHS Thespians Put On “The Drowsy​ Chaperone”

Lexi Carmack | Reporter

Each year, Avon High School’s Thespian Troupe puts on a fall musical. This year, it was The Drowsy Chaperone.

“The musical is about a man that listens to a vinyl recording of a fictional musical called The Drowsy Chaperone. Within the fictional musical is the story of a wedding and a producer that is losing his leading lady to the wedding,” said senior Zach Godsey, who played Robert Martin, the groom in the wedding.

Senior Katie Kobold played glamorous showgirl and bride Janet Van De Graaf.

“Every possible thing that could go wrong does, and the story gets bent in every way imaginable, but everything turns out perfectly in the end,” Kobold said.

The cast had a similar experience during their time rehearsing for the musical. There were many mishaps and challenges, but the cast said that they got through everything together.

“Zach broke his foot tap dancing,” junior Alexa Margolius, who played Ms. Tottendale said. “What is really funny is that there is an actual line in the musical that says, ‘You better stop tap dancing, or you could break a foot.'”

But broken bones weren’t the only obstacles in rehearsal; There were many things that the cast had to learn to successfully perform this musical.

“There are a lot of different gimmicks and tricks. Zach and Nolan had to learn how to tap dance. Zach had to roller skate on stage. I had to jump rope in heels and hold a very long note, so the musical was challenging for all of us in many ways,” Kobold said.

Godsey said the cast had grown close with one another through rehearsals.

“The hardest thing about this show was knowing it was the last,” Godsey said. “A lot of us seniors still had three-fourths of the year left, but it was still saddening to know that this was our last musical together.”

Though the cast had to learn far-fetched skills and they had a difficult time saying goodbye, the cast thought that Ms. Caitlyn Spires, the director, made the ride a little smoother.

“She has never stopped believing in me,” Margolius said. “She pushes every single one of us to be our very best and teaches us many life lessons for in and out of high school.”

Margolius said that The Drowsy Chaperone was one of their favorite they have ever been a part of and that they would encourage others to audition for their upcoming productions, and even next year’s musical.

“The musical was very successful and something I definitely recommend for people to audition for next year,” Margolius said.


Photo by Matthew Barton

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