BPA vs. DECA: What’s The Difference?

Sofia Breuer | Reporter

Avon High School’s DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) and BPA (Business Professionals of America) clubs seem almost identical from a surface level. Both deal primarily with leadership and value development pertinent to a business environment.

Each club, however, has their own underlying differentiating skills that make them stand out from each other despite their similarities.

According the online description from the official DECA website, DECA focuses primarily on management, entrepreneurship, and general marketing skills.

Typical club meetings are focused on preparation for competitive events attended throughout the year.

“As we continue to grow our Avon DECA chapter and board, we try to continuously make our meetings more interactive,” said junior DECA member Ariana Hendricks.

DECA and BPA are similar in that they both place an emphasis on general business skills. While DECA focuses more on the marketing portion, BPA encompasses all areas of business and networking.

“We attend regional and state conferences where we compete and hang out,” said junior BPA member Alex Marcum. “We are very similar, except we are much more laid back and not as strict with competitions.”

Club members can have a wide range of interests outside of marketing or merchandising: to be a member of BPA, Marcum said that one should have an interest in business and networking, while Hendricks said that you don’t have to have any particular interests to enjoy being involved with DECA.

“I would say the only interest you may need is being interested in a club you can commit to, work hard in, and meet new people in,” Hendricks said.

Are you considering getting involved in BPA or DECA? Talk to DECA sponsor Troy Drosche or BPA sponsor Nona Hollenbaugh.


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