What School Lunch Are You? (Quiz)

Morgan Jones | Web Editor-In-Chief

After so many days in the Avon High School cafeteria, hunched over and gossiping with your closest friends, you’ve probably become familiar with the most popular foods that Avon has to offer (with Bosco Sticks at number one, of course). As far as internet quizzes go, this is the most important one you will take during your career as a high school student. Proceed with care.

1. Pick something to eat after a long day at school.

A. Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

B. That bag of animal crackers in the back of the pantry is calling your name.

C. Leftover Halloween candy from last year.

D. Last night’s leftovers, but you won’t do the dishes.

E. Chips and salsa with a kick.

2. Pick an outfit to wear on a night out.

A. Anything neon will do.

B. Mom jeans and sneakers with a cozy sweatshirt.

C. Stripes or polka dots. Maybe plaid if you’re feeling daring.

D. Black and classy.

E. Some glitz and glam!

3. What’s your favorite color?

A. Grass green.

B. Sunshine yellow.

C. Traffic cone orange.

D. Any shade of blue.

E. Ferrari red.

4. Pick a cult movie classic.

A. The Breakfast Club.

B. Pretty in Pink.

C. Sixteen Candles.

D. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

E. Heathers.

5. What percent is your phone battery on?

A. Around 60% – you love browsing social media.

B. Your phone is plugged in right now to your portable charger.

C. 90%. You don’t touch your phone because you’re too busy making new friends.

D. 30%. You’re too busy planning your next friend group get-together.

E. Your screen is shattered, and your battery is perpetually at 14%.

Next, determine which letter you answered the most, and refer to the list below to find out which Avon lunch food most closely resembles your personality.

Mostly A’s Bosco Sticks

When it’s time to shine, you know how. Bosco Sticks are the show-stoppers of the friend group, love being the center of attention, and can either make or ruin your day. You tend to go with the flow, and you’re okay with the less-than-occasional surprise. You’re a friend to everyone, and tend to be peppy at all hours of the day regardless of your mood. To you, life is an enigma, but you don’t mind one bit.

Mostly B’s Rattlesnake Bowl

The stars align for you when you have the opportunity to shine as the mom or dad friend of your group. Just as such, you tend to be the peacemaker, and you’re extremely likable and about as personable as Ellen Degeneres. You’re social and content, a perfect duo of traits to support the fact that you’re always full of energy. There’s no rest for the wicked, Rattlesnake Bowl, so keep doing your thing.

Mostly C’s Chicken Smackers

Even though your friends would agree that you tend to get a little annoying after awhile, they also know that you have a good heart. You’re a friend to all, and know how to brighten even the gloomiest of days with your persistent wit and humor. Chicken Smackers are at the heart of any friend group, and nobody knows quite where they would be without them.

Mostly D’s – Tri-Taters

You put your best foot forward, and sometimes, you accidentally step off the edge. Though your friends would agree that you’re driven, you don’t always end up succeeding. But that’s okay, because Tri-Taters are known to never shy away from a challenge. You clean up nicely when the day calls for something other than sweatpants, and sometimes you can get a little too cocky – be sure to remind yourself that it’s okay to not be in first place all the time.

Mostly E’s Walking Tacos

You light up like the fourth of July with your hot temper when provoked, but you also have the ability to light up a room with your firecracker personality. You hate the day-to-day routine that your life entails, and you like to act on impulse to spice things up. Walking Tacos are liked by everyone, but they don’t like everyone else. They also prefer to fly solo, but don’t mind a little company and a good hangout with friends.


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