Keeping Up With The Clubs: Disney

Sofia Breuer | Reporter

Do you have a love for Disney and fictional characters? Avon’s Disney Club might be the perfect match for you. The club is led by its two co-presidents, senior Riley Grimes and senior Maddie Louie. Grimes and Louie have both been involved with the club since their freshman year.

Grimes officially became president of Disney club her junior year. Mr. Westman, the club sponsor, suggested the idea of becoming club president to her and she happily accepted the offer since Disney has always been a special part of her life.

“I love Disney and I love everything about Disney and also I think the club offers a little bit of an escape almost,” Grimes said. “And so I wanted for kids to have that escape at school and that’s what this club offers.”

One of the ways the club gets involved in the community is by writing letters to children in the hospital as beloved Disney characters. Grimes said that Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, and Prince Charming are some of the characters the members write as.

“We write them to kind of get their minds off the fact they’re sick and to let them know there is someone thinking about them that could be their favorite character,” Grimes said.

Along with Grimes, Disney has also had a significant impact of Louie’s life. Louie said that Disney can always help her whenever she feels down.

“I can easily go watch it or think back to all the times I was younger and think about some of the ways I can give back or help other people,” Louie said.

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